Archive: Research Grants Awarded

Through research and partnership, CAN has created innovative solutions for issues surrounding the understanding and treatment of arthritis.

Linking nearly 200 of Canada's leading arthritis researchers and clinicians, the Network developed integrated transdisciplinary multi-institutional teams of highly qualified experts. These groups are involved in collaborative research projects and include basic scientists, clinical researchers, social scientists, and bioengineers, as well as partners in industry and government.

All of CAN's research projects were peer-reviewed by the Scientific and Medical Advisory Council (SMAC), an international group of leading scientific and medical experts, for scientific excellence and value, such as the potential for intellectual property and decreasing the economic burden of arthritis.

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Strategic Research Initiatives Grants

Research Funding: (SRI in Bioengineering for the Restoration of Joint Function 2008-2012)
Research Funding: (SRI in Inflammatory Joint Diseases 2006-2011)
Research Funding: (SRI in Osteoarthritis 2003-2008)

Discovery Advancement Program Grants

Research Funding: 2008
Research Funding: 2009

Pilot Grant Program

Research Funding: 2008-2009

Strategic Research Program

Research Funding: 2009-2010

Partnership Planning Grant

Research Funding: 2008
Research Funding: 2009

Strategic Research Initiative Development Grants

Research Funding: 2008-2009
Research Funding: 2007-2008
Research Funding: 2006-2007
Research Funding: 2005-2006
Research Funding: 2004-2005
Research Funding: 2003-2004
Research Funding: 2002-2003
Research Funding: 2001-2002