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Throughout its fourteen-year history, CAN led change in how arthritis research was conducted in Canada. Legacies of CAN include programs that gathered siloed research into inclusive, multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder projects to capture the best ideas to increase efficiency and eliminate waste.  Integral to the inclusive model was the participation of people with arthritis in CAN’s Board, committees and research projects. To learn more about CAN’s past research programs, please click here.

CAN has supported the development of a number of platforms and research resources designed to offer unique services to improve the efficiency of research.  Key platforms and resources are listed below:

1. Administrative Data in Rheumatic Disease Research and Surveillance

With funding from CAN, a team of arthritis researchers are developing an interactive web site to house administrative health data to monitor rheumatic disease prevalence, burden, and adverse events.  In the interim, more information on the tool can be found here.

2. Canadian Rheumatology Research Consortium

The Canadian Rheumatology Research Consortium (CRRC), with the support of CAN, was established to fill the need for a centralized service to coordinate clinical trials in arthritis.  It is the first national clinical trials research program of its kind in arthritis. For more information please visit

3. Paediatric Rheumatology Optimized Platforms for Experimental Research (PROPER)

Key players in paediatric rheumatology across Canada worked together to develop the PROPER project.  Its aim is to provide a centralized platform that houses resources and best practices developed by the paediatric rheumatology community in Canada.  For more information please visit

4. Centre for Skeletal Biology

With funding from CAN, the Centre for Skeletal Biology has developed resources dedicated to arthritis for disseminating standard operating procedures (SOPs) and a catalogue of available mouse and cell culture models and reagents for arthritis, osteoporosis and other skeletal diseases. The platform maximizes arthritis researchers' access to skeletal and organ phenotyping expertise unique in Canada.  For more information, please visit