Archive: Legacy Initiatives

In 2012, with continued funding from the Networks of Centres of Excellence until March 2014, CAN began a new and final chapter during which time its aim will be to mobilize its expertise and discoveries and to sustain its most valuable programs.

CAN has three overall goals for this legacy period – to support the development of a national framework to reduce the burden of arthritis, to strengthen networks to create lasting research efficiencies and to transfer CAN’s successful programs to partner organizations.

CAN will support the development of the Joint Action on Arthritis: A National Framework for Arthritis Prevention and Care. CAN, a founding member of the Arthritis Alliance of Canada (AAC), will support AAC as it leads the work to create this important document.  In addition, CAN’s Network Investigators (NIs) are providing knowledge and research expertise to create and lead this framework.  

CAN will continue to work with its research network to share platforms developed by CAN’s NIs.  Through these platforms, standardized tools, operating procedures and expertise are being developed for the clinical and research communities – all towards the goal of eliminating redundancies, sharing ideas and accelerating achieving results..

In addition, it will work with its partner organizations to sustain or transfer effective programs. CAN will work with The Arthritis Society to integrate the Training & Career Development program into its operations. The Arthritis research community and consumers have also stressed the importance of CAN’s Annual Scientific Conferences as the nexus in sharing information, developing ideas and collaborations.  CAN will share its expertise with sister organizations interested in developing similar venues.

CAN will continue to work with its research network to translate research.  A number of new initiatives will be developed, including  CAN’s partnership with Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s The Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (IMHA-CIHR) to create a  publication to celebrate the impact of health research in arthritis, skin, oral health, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, bone and skeletal muscle.

Yes, CAN is in its last chapter.  But CAN’s aim is not to wind down quietly into obscurity but  to leave lasting impactful imprints in the Arthritis community as it continues to strive for its vision of A World Free of Arthritis.